$450.99 USD

  • ConvaMax™ absorbs high levels of exudate into the Superabsorbent (SAP) core (up to 170g/100cm) locking it away from the wound and helping to promote skin integrity
  • ConvaMax™ can be used as a primary or secondary dressing
  • Once exudate has been absorbed, ConvaMax™ retains the fluid within the SAP core, ensuring it is not released back to the wound, bandaging or clothing
  • It's soft on the skin, easy to apply and easy to remove for patient satisfaction
  • The protective blue backing prevents strike through and maintains conformability
  • Ideal for use on: Deeper wounds which require a primary dressing, for example a deep diabetic foot ulcer, tunnelling or sinus wounds, with high levels of exudate that need packing, macerated peri-wound, where exudate needs to be absorbed quick
  • 10 per box