$1,101.99 USD

  • Wound dressing derived from brown seaweed and composed of soft calcium alginate fibers designed for high absorbency and to conform to shape of wound
  • Alginate interacts with wound exudate to form soft gel that helps maintain moist healing environment
  • Release of calcium ions help activate prothrombin and improve hemostasis
  • Wet tensile strength for easy removal or irrigation from wound bed
  • Indicated for management of moderately-to-highly exuding wounds, including pressure sores, leg ulcers, cavity wounds and post-debridement hemostasis
  • Alginate Pad Wound Dressing, 4" x 8", 80 per case
  • Alginate Pad Wound Dressing, 8" x 8", 160 per case
  • UNSPSC 42312401