$195.99 USD

  • Sofsorb is a line of high-performance absorbency dressings with a stay-dry liner built into the dressing to help prevent maceration of periwound skin
  • Five layer construction: Non-adherent wound contact layer, Stay-Dry Liner that permits passage of wound drainage to keep periwound skin dry and prevent maceration at wound site, Center layer that absorbs wound drainage, Cellulose layer that wicks drainage horizontally along pad to increase dressing absorption capacity, Air-permeable backing for strength and durability
  • The wound contact layer is nonadherent to protect fragile granulating burns and skin grafts during the healing phase
  • The product has exceptional wet and dry strength so it can be soaked with saline or topical ointments prior to use
  • Indications: Burns, post-operative incision sites, heavily draining skin ulcers, heavily draining pressure sores, lacerations and abrasions
  • 30 per case