$125.99 USD

  • The UrgoK2 dual compression system combines the benefits of inelastic and elastic bandages to ensure continuous, consistent, and comfortable pressure3
  • Two active compression bandages that together provide the target dosage your patient needs
  • Layer 1: KTECH (wadding: viscose, polyester; knitted layer: polyamide, elastane) - White short-stretch bandage, providing compression, protection and absorbency
  • Layer 2: KPRESS (acrylic, polyamide, elastane; cohesive material) -pink/beige cohesive long-stretch bandage, providing the additional compression necessary to achieve the therapeutic pressure for leg ulcers and securing the bandage system in place
  • Good absorption of exudate
  • Provides an average pressure of 40 mmHg
  • Pressure indicator to ensure that correct consistent compression is applied every time
  • Pressure maintained for up to 7 days