What is upright walker and how do I find one.

The best new upright rolling walker on the market is now in stock at Oswald’s!

The UPWalker Standing Walker is a revolutionary innovation in mobility. This option is for individuals with special mobility needs. Gilgal Medical is pleased to offer medical grade upright walker to the public at affordable prices. Offering the stability of a traditional walker with the mobility of a rollator, the UPWalker is a unique product for people with unique needs. With customizable handles and armrests, the UPWalker is truly one of a kind. Available in 3 sizes (Standard, Small, and Large).


  • Adjustable-height armrests and handles with locking brakes
  • Comfortable canvas seat and backrest
  • Sit-to-stand seat handles, making it easy to get up
  • 8″ wheels, making outdoor travel easy
  • Foldable frame; folds to just 10.5″ across for easy storage
  • Comes with personal bag, backrest and cup holder