Ostomy Pouch and Skin Barrier

What is an Ostomy pouch? What is a skin barrier or wafer?


At first, it can be overwhelming. Living with an ostomy can feel as if your whole world is going to change forever. It can be scary. It’s normal to have many feelings, emotions and anxieties. But you’re not alone. There are thousands of people who go through ostomy every day. We at Gilgal medical completely surround you with the support, inspiration, insights and ideas that you need to live with an ostomy in your own way. Ostomy nurses and product specialists are just a phone call away. Have specific questions about what ostomy products might be right for you? Call 407 891 2120.  

This brief synopsis will take you through all of the components of your ostomy system and help you find the right products and accessories that work for your body. Our catalog offers a wide range of comfortable, secure pouch and skin barrier options will allow you to find a customized system that works best for your ostomy type and lifestyle.


What is an Ostomy Pouch?

Pouch is a plastic bag that is attached to the stoma. This is the most recognizable and important part of your ostomy system; the pouch collects your stoma’s output. It should be emptied or replaced when it is one-third to one-half full. There are drainable pouch and disposable pouch. A full pouch can pull away from the barrier or skin due to the added weight and can also cause bulging under your clothes.


What is a Skin Barrier or Wafer?

A skin barrier is also called a “wafer,” your skin barrier is the piece of the pouching system that sticks to your body. It holds your pouch in place and should help protect the skin around your stoma from damage. It should fit snugly around your stoma to help prevent leakage and have an opening customized to your unique size and shape.