Low Cost and Cheap Ostomy Supplies Available through ostomy4less.com (Cheaper Than Amazon)

Good news for all the ostomy patients out there!! A new and better way has been opened for people to buy ostomy pouches, skin barriers, barrier strips, ostomy paste and other ostomy supplies online. Gilgal medical supplies in partnership with major medical supplies has launched ostomy4less.com which will provide all ostomy, urinary and wound care supplies at ultra low-cost.

For too long ostomy patients have been at the mercy of few players who charge exorbitant prices for live saving medical supplies. We want to bring a fundamental change to this. Gilgal will be partnering with companies such as Hollister, Convatec, Coloplast to help patients with no insurance  who have to spend hundreds of dollars per month to get supplies.  Customers can order supplies online and have them shipped to their address in twenty four hours. In most cases, we will try to get supplies the same day. Customers tend to believe that Amazon has the cheapest ostomy supplies. But, this turned out to be false. Thousands of customers have already signed up with us to get their supplies at cheaper rate in ostomy4less.com