Elongated Toilet Seat VS Round Toilet Seats

 Round Or Elongated. How to determine the right Toilet Seat Riser.

Determining if a toilet seat is round or elongated is very easy by taking one simple measurement.


Per North American plumbing standards, toilets are either round or elongated (oval or oblong).

Measure your toilet, not your toilet seat, determine if you need a round or elongated toilet seat.

Measure from the seat mounting holes to the front, top edge of the bowl.
(see diagram)

Elongated bowls = 18.5 inches,

Round bowls = 16.5 inches.

Measure the length of the toilet bowl from the center of the toilet seat bolt holes at the back of the toilet, to the front edge of the toilet bowl.

Round toilet bowls measure at about 16.5 inches. Elongated toilet bowls measure about 18.5 inches.

That’s all it takes. Once you determine the measurement click on this link below to buy the right toilet seat riser. Gilgal Medical Supplies is the largest wholesaler and retailer of bath room accessories.  Generally toilet seats aren’t sold based on exact measurement, they’re sold based on the shape of your toilet. Once you know whether you have a round or elongated toilet, you’re set. Buy elongated toilet riser today.